Movie Trailers and Intros

What better way to get your message across than one of those big blockbuster movie style trailers or intros that really get you hooked to watch the movie, buy the next gadget or just to tell you something important.

Well you too can wow your customers, tell your friends about an upcoming party or event, add it to Facebook or just your next newsletter. However you want to get your message across, nothing says it better than one of my fun and memorable movie style trailers.

Check out my example video below and then why not come up with your own wording and let me work my magic. It’s really easy…all I need is the script per slide and you’re ready to go..but please remember short and snappy is the key to a great looking intro. I can even add your company logo at the end of the trailer.

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I look forward to helping you get your message out there!

This is just an example of one of the many styles available. Why not check out what I have to offer on today and stand out from the crowd!

Thanks for watching!

The Most Tasty Cocktails

When you visit Miami Beach you can not leave before tasting a cocktail or two.

To help you make the decision I’ve picked a selection of hand-crafted tasty cocktails to make your evening not only memorable, but a colorful one.

However, you don’t have to wait until you’re at the beach or on vacation. If you’re lucky enough to have a bar handy at home check out the selection and if you’re missing a bottle or two you’ll be well armed for your next shopping trip so you’ll know the right ingredients to buy so that you can give some of these a whirl.

I’ve listed the classic ingredients that go into each one so you can impress your guests the next time you throw a party or want to show your drink expertise and knowledge when you’re out on the town.

I’ll also reveal what glass your drink should be served, whether it’s on or off the rocks and what garnish should be added to complete the look.


The best on hot sunny days and evenings

The Mojito is the most famous drink to have whilst visiting the beaches and sits at the top of my list.

This classic recipe consists of:

4 cl (4 parts) White rum
3 cl (3 parts) Fresh lime juice
6 leaves of Mint
2 teaspoons Sugar
Soda Water

Lime not your thing? No problem, check out the strawberry version in this article.

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WordPress Fun and Foibles

I have tried many times to create a website and have used WordPressQuestion-Mark-Dice-Blue-1500x1500 consistently…at least the choice was consistent…the actual content production, not so much. The reason, I have discovered, has been a number of factors.

WordPress itself – it has always been reputed as being easy to use, easy to set up and you’ll be up and running in no time. Yes that is true, for the most part, and I like a lot of their features, but sometimes it can be rather frustrating and you can’t always find the solution to what seems a simple question!

Let’s try adding a video to a post for example. There’s a lovely button that says Add Media and this is where you will find a much streamlined and fast way to upload your images and videos. It works like a dream for photos and with the new drag and drop feature it’s very smooth and extremely quick.

Add Media

So armed with the new Twenty Fifteen theme from WordPress I gaily attempted to add a video to a post I had written about the World Cup 2014. Just as images are really easy to add to your post I thought it would be the same with videos. Can you guess what happened next? Not a lot of content uploading or writing but lots of frustration, a stiff neck and a headache…so I gave up.

Not to be defeated, I returned the next day having consulted various videos and information on the wonderful web of wisdom and no-one seemed to be having any trouble with embedding a video as long as you were using YouTube, Vimeo and any other social media third-party that allows you to copy their link or use their pre-made embed code. But WordPress make it possible to upload my video without having to get an account anywhere else. I don’t have a YouTube account, I have a WordPress website and that’s where I would like my content to sit so I don’t have to login anywhere else.

Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator
Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator

So the proof is in the pudding and now that I have found a wonderful plugin (which, even though good, I really should not have to use) it now works. So thank you Kyle Gilman for your Video Embed & Thumbnail Generator which can be found on WordPress.Org Plugins

The now fully embedded World Cup 2014 video can finally be viewed here



Wordcloud of the Month.

As I update my website with different content I will make a new word cloud to reflect what I have been saying! As the number of posts grow it will be interesting to see a distinct change in which words become more prominent as the months go by.

December 2014


January 2015


March 2015

Ambient Weather Solarbag Adventurer2 Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio

Charges by 6 different ways: Solar, Hand Crank, AAA Batteries, AC, DC or car charger.
Charges by 6 different ways: Solar, Hand Crank, AAA Batteries, AC, DC or car charger.


For a while now, we’ve had our eye on a radio and this is the one we’ve finally bought. It arrived from Amazon in a large package with quite a few other treats but let’s not worry about those when this was the star of the show!

First of all here’s his full title:


We get all of that for the great value price of $99.99 plus free two day shipping – don’t you just love Amazon Prime. The other great thing is that it shipped via USPS so we didn’t have to stick 20 messages on the front gate especially for our friends at UPS (not to be confused with USPS). The great thing when they deliver using the United States Postal Service is, just like Santa, they use their special super powers to open all the doors not matter whether your a small condo complex or the Portifino – how do they do that? But that’s for another article.

Let’s have a look at what features are packed into this small compact radio.

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World Cup 2014

So the World Cup Finals have arrived and Germany vs Argentina made it to the last stage to fight it out. Watch the video I made to celebrate the winners of the title – World Cup Champions 2014 Miami Beach style!

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Bond Tracker for iOS

Everyone has their favorite Bond growing up and with every passing generation there’s a new Bond actor, movie and book. This app helps you track everything Bond.

James Bond, Licenced to Thrill

Splash Screen
Bond Tracker Splash Screen

Everyone has a favorite Bond and a James Bond they remember growing up with. There have been so many books, movies and even video games spanning a total of 60 years since it’s first conception in 1953 by author, journalist and naval intelligence officer Ian Lancaster Fleming that we thought we needed a handy device to log all this great entertainment.

This app was a lot of fun to create. As well as being huge fans of Bond, we love putting together useful apps to help make life a little more fun and a little easier to handle especially when there is so much information out there.

Have you looked at the web lately, phew, you can get lost out there.

We started to find that we just couldn’t remember what we had watched – call it loss of brain matter or the advancing years creeping up on us I guess! Was there a new movie, book or game out that we’d be interested in and if there was wouldn’t it be great to have something handy to help us find the info as well as help us remember too.

We’ve done the hard work for you. Let me be your Q and explain how this app works…and Bond, please do try not to break it…

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Miami Beach on a Budget

Add Miami Beach to your dream vacation destination list as I uncover how to save money and keep within your budget. What are you waiting for, grab the sunscreen and order a Mojito the beach awaits.

You CAN visit Miami on a Budget

Save Money in the Sun
Save Money in the Sun

When you think about Miami as a destination, do you also add the words, expensive, too rich for my pocket, unaffordable, way out of my league…love to visit, but lets go somewhere else?

Are you torn between re-mortgaging the house and breaking into the kids college fund because those white sandy beaches, clear blue sea and cloudless sun drenched sky are just reaching out to you?

Well, it’s no longer a dream, you can take a trip to Miami. So, grab the sunscreen, your bathing costume and get packing as I’m going to reveal how you can you do Miami on a Budget and still have change left over to treat yourself to your favorite cocktail.

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Talk! Speech Synthesizer for iOS

The Talk! Speech Synthesizer App for iOS is a lot of fun. Add some fun phrases or words that you like to say a lot and let your device speak for you.

How it works?

Enter Any Phrase You Like!
Enter Any Phrase You Like!

Open the app on either your iPhone or iPad and tap the + sign to add a new phrase. Once it’s been stored just tap the phrase and your iOS will begin to speak your phrase back to you. Keep adding as many phrases as you like.

You can also change the language and hear your phrase in your particular dialect or try some out just for fun. Select from British, American, Australian, German, South African, Irish to name but a few and choose whether you would like a male or female voice.

Add lots of phrases and speak to your friends via the Talk! Synthesizer.
Add lots of phrases and speak to your friends via the Talk! Synthesizer.

There’s also an option to change pitch and speed rate so you can play around with a high or low voice and make the voice speak really fast or ultra slow.

The app is currently available for iPhone but you can supersize it to fit the iPad screen for now. There are plans to release an iPad interface as well as iCloud integration to make it easier to share your phrases across multiple devices.

You can download Talk! Speech Synthesizer on the App Store. Check it out today and enjoy!

Download On The App Store
Download On The App Store

The Knitting Detective Guide

Miss Jane Marple comes to iOS so you can keep track of your favorite knitting detective on your iOS device. Easily track all your favorite Books, Movies and TV shows.


Miss Marple, the nosy but friendly busy-body, now on iOS

Miss Marple's Famous Hat
Miss Marple’s Famous Hat and Knitting Needles. Image: Travelling Banana

If you love all things Agatha Christie, but especially everyone’s favorite spinster amateur detective Miss Jane Marple, then you are in for a treat with our new app – Miss Marple for iOS.

The thing about Miss Marple, is that you can’t really ignore her, even though you may not see her at first. She moves around like some frail old lady often muttering something of great importance under her breath and the only sound you may hear is the faint clicking away of needles in the distance, expertly putting a new knitting project together.

Come to think of it, has anyone ever seen any of her finished results? A jumper for her nephew perhaps or a scarf for one of her many ladies that lunch or take tea and cake in her wonderful garden. I’m not sure I have, but then it’s all part of the devious mask behind the clever brain that’s working on so many things at once.

Settle in and I’ll explain how the app that we have made will help you keep track of all your favorite movies, books and tv shows.

Now where did I put my knitting needles.

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