Sketch Sunday: A True Story

Today’s Sketch Sunday drawing – This may very well become a series – watch this space 🙂

Watch out in the could be being watched...spooky!
Watch out in the forest…you could be being watched…spooky! A True Story.

Drawn in 53 Paper with my JaJa stylus

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The Leopard

The Leopard
The Leopard


Drawn using Artrage, the iPad and the JaJa Stylus

Did you know?
Leopards are nocturnal.
Male leopards are up to 50 per cent larger than females.
They don’t roar as loud as lions, but leopards can also purr.
King John kept leopards in the Tower of London in the 13th Century.
Leopards can take prey as large as antelopes, but will also eat dung beetles and other insects.
They are famously good at climbing up trees, and down – they often descend head first.
A male leopard can drag a carcass three times its own weight – including small giraffes – six metres up at tree.