Sketch Sunday: A True Story

Today’s Sketch Sunday drawing – This may very well become a series – watch this space 🙂

Watch out in the could be being watched...spooky!
Watch out in the forest…you could be being watched…spooky! A True Story.

Drawn in 53 Paper with my JaJa stylus

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The Monday Joke Zone

Quasimodo is retiring from Notre Dame Cathedral and is auditioning bell-ringers.

He runs an ad in the French Gazette. A guy from a nearby village applies. Quasi explains to the applicant that to ring the bell, he must grab the rope as high up as possible, pull it down to the floor and then let go.

“Go ahead, try it!” he says.

Ring the Bell
                             Ring the Bell

The guy grabs the rope and pulls it down to the floor, but fails to let go and the rope yanks him up and he bangs his head on the bell on his way up, knocking him unconscious. He falls out of the window to the street below, and to his death.

A crowd gathers below and Quasi runs down to where the dead applicant is lying dead in the street. A passerby asks, “Hey Quasimodo, you know this fellow?”

“No,” says Quasimodo, “but his face rings a bell.”

About a month later, the brother of the dead applicant comes to the Cathedral to apply for the same job. Again, Quasimodo explains how to ring the bell.

“Try it!” he says.

And again the applicant grabs the rope but forgets to let go, banging his own head on the bell and falling to his death on the street below.

Again, Quasi races down to the street and another pedestrian asks, “Yo, Quasimodo, you know this guy?”

“Nope, but he’s a dead ringer for his brother.”

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Ha Ha Ha.”