Why Travelling Banana?

Are you curious about the name Travelling Banana?

Did you know there are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict people with bananas?
Did you know there are ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs that depict people with bananas?

There was a time if I went on a journey I would pop a banana in my bag in case I needed an energy boost. However, sometimes I would forget it was there – so the banana would come with me on my adventures and invariably end up back home uneaten and a little worse for wear.

Each time I would take a banana with me it would become known as the Travelling Banana, an expression my husband came up with.

My tagline, Creative Exploring, covers the diverse range of topics that I am interested in and the creative pursuits that I am exploring such as drawing, photography, art, writing, knitting and technology. I also cover my cycling adventures and throw in a recipe or two along the way.



30 thoughts on “Why Travelling Banana?”

  1. I got a kick out of your story on where the name for your blog came from, I had to giggle as the picture was painted! I like your blog.

  2. Thank you for following my blog (which I have been very bad at updating!). I am enjoying yours very much, especially the drawing and the mysteries. You might enjoy the Miss Silver books by Patricia Wentworth – like Miss Marple, she knits too!

    1. You’re welcome – looking forward to more of your posts. Thanks for the tip about the Miss Silver books, it’s always nice to have a recommendation – I’ll look into it.

  3. Your reasons for your site name gave me a good giggle. It reminded me of landing in New Zealand on vacation and having the sniffer dog have a party at my backpack. While the actual banana was gone, the smells of a forgotten one still lingered. Thanks for dropping by my site! I look forward to taking a wander though yours. Have a great week!

  4. YES!! Another tea drinker in a coffee infused world!! I’m also trying to back into cycling, (I pulled my groceries home in the back carrier the other day…) I would like to follow your blog, but is there another way to do this other than email? Do you have a “follow” widget? Glad to meet you!

    1. Yes – tea drinkers unite. Unfortunately as I’m not hosted on WordPress the follow doesn’t show up at the top. You can follow me via the Reader – if you click on my avatar maybe the option will come up. Nice to meet you. I think I’m following you too so you may be able to follow me from your dashboard in the section that shows up is following you. Thanks again for visiting and your kind words.

    2. P.s. Just noticed if you click on the speech bubble, sometimes looks like a star in the top right hand corner in the dashboard (icon depends on whether you get comments or likes) – it’ll drop down what people have said – click on likes and in there under my name it will have follow – hope that helps. Thanks again.

    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one. We had to go to Coral Gables yesterday and since writing this post I laugh at myself every time I buy a banana to pop in my bag, which is exactly what I had to do yesterday. Traveling with a banana will never be the same again. Apparently you can buy special banana cases to protect it, but I’m always hopeful that I will actually eat it on that day as I had intended. I’m pleased to report yesterday’s banana was consumed before traveling home again

    1. Ha ha – I keep meaning to clarify that 🙂 Most definitely not a “real” suffed Owl. He’s a cuddly cute blue soft toy Owl 🙂 He looked so lonely sitting on the shelf in Walgreens, he just had to come home with me!

  5. I really like the name of your blog! I’ve also taken a banana along for the ride, and once my daughter brought one all the way from Indiana to TX…we called it the Indiana Banana…I don’t think it ever got eaten 😉

    1. Thank you. It’s interesting how many people have been confessing to taking bananas with them on their travels which end up back home. Thanks for sharing your story – that was one well traveled banana 🙂

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