Morning Sunrise Clouds

This morning, early on the beach, we were entertained by an amazing collection of clouds that covered the arrival of the sunrise. They were dramatic and each one was different from the next. It would have been rude not to capture them considering Mother Nature was putting on a great show.

Now you can enjoy them too…here are the collection of Morning Sunrise Clouds courtesy of Mother Nature herself.

Morning Sunrise Clouds

Dramatic Cloud formations
Sunrise clouds hide the early morning sun
Amazing Clouds
Do you have a favorite cloud type?
Cotton Wool clouds
Cotton Wool clouds
Morning Sunrise Clouds
The morning sunrise cloud formations put on a wonderful show

It was amazing that so many different variations of cloud were in the sky all at the same time. It looked like an artist’s brush had painted the sky.

They appear depending on the atmospheric conditions which change throughout the day. Each one unique, and even though you will see similar clouds again, they will always be different.

The panoramic view of the early morning clouds is even more dramatic
The panoramic view of the early morning clouds is even more dramatic. The morning sunrise clouds hide the star of the show but they’re doing a great job stealing the limelight.

Do you have a favorite cloud? Can you name any of the clouds featured in these pictures? Let me know below.


The Story of Two Dogs

Sometimes you come across a simple post that says a lot. Well that’s what happened after reading this on blog.


The Tale Of Two Dogs
What you see is a reflection of who you are

I wanted to reblog it directly but the gremlins were not happy so I’ve re-created it here with Cathy Lynn’s permission 🙂

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The Farmer

Whilst traveling out and about we popped into The Fresh Approach to have lunch. Outside they have a tractor and a sign reminding us how valuable farmers are to keep a country going and everyone fed.

Thought provoking words
Thought provoking words

I found an article called Lessons of Farm Life Invaluable and wanted to share an excerpt which compliments the plaque I found at The Fresh Approach and is a reminder how hard farmers have to work to keep things ticking.


Responsibility: No matter how late you party on Saturday night, the cows have to be milked on schedule, even on Sunday morning.

Perseverance: Even if the tomato rows are endless, and the hay bales heavy, you keep going until the job is done. And even if a hailstorm destroys your tomato crop just as it is ready to harvest, you start again next year.

Crisis management: If the electricity goes out because of an ice storm, and the regular milker can’t come in, you figure out how to get 100 cows milked.

Appreciation: If you enjoy a good hamburger with lettuce and tomato and French fries, you know that they didn’t “just appear” in the restaurant. Somewhere, one farmer grew wheat for the bun; another, corn to feed the beef cattle that another farmer raised.

Patience: A farmer invests thousands of dollars, plus many hours of “sweat equity” in his crops. Then his profit depends largely on things over which he has no control: the weather and the markets. And if a cow needs his attention all night, he will be there.

Resourcefulness: A farmer is many things: Businessman, mechanic, soil scientist, civil engineer, amateur veterinarian, community leader; the list could go on.

You can read the original article here at

An Oliver Tractor
An Oliver Tractor

Feathered Friend Friday

Sometimes humans are just too interesting to ignore! On a recent trip we were enjoying a nice relaxing sit by a lake. In the distance we could see a few ducks, Ibis and Embden Geese walking purposefully towards us.

It turned out to be a wonderful photo op – they also had a lot to say, and even though we had no food to share, they ended up just sitting and chilling by the lake. Well most of them – one feathered friend, the Embden Goose explained a lot how he was extremely unhappy at the lack of food provided!

Felt a bit like in Jurassic Park - we were being tracked!
Can You Spot them? Felt a bit like being in Jurassic Park – we were being tracked!
All in line now, one, two, three, four...
All in line now, one, two, three, four…
The Ibis Just passing through
The Ibis Just passing through
Ever feel like you're being surrounded...
Ever feel like you’re being surrounded…
Welcome feathered friends - it was getting busy!
Welcome feathered friends – it was getting busy!
Amazing lake to sit and relax - these birds have picked a great spot to live
Amazing lake to sit and relax – these birds have picked a great spot to live
The Embden Geese had a lot to say and were so nosy
The Embden Geese had a lot to say and were so nosy

Somewhere up in the trees were a flock of crows but they kept out of sight even though they too had a lot to say.

The crows were hiding above but we could certainly hear them from time-to-time.
The crows were hiding above but we could certainly hear them from time-to-time.

Travel Size Medications and Pain Relievers

I’m not a big medication user, in fact I can barely swallow what I guess most human beings would consider regular sized pain relievers. This is not a new phenomenon for me. I’ve always had trouble and would have to use the dispersible painkillers when I was younger or suffer in silence.

However, if like me you have trouble swallowing pills you may be interested in a few different options that can help you feel better quicker and without all the hassle of the ‘choke factor’ and the gallon of water you have to swallow. Compare that scenario to other people who barely swallow a teaspoonful of water, if any at all – no-one likes a smarty pants 😉

You may even be that person so congratulations or if not I can sympathize and I’m sure you know the kind of person I’m talking about. They effortlessly look at you without moving their head an inch as well as looking like they are barely swallowing – is that you – how do you do that?

It’s certainly not me. I end up doing a special balancing act in my mouth and then attempt to encase the pill in a bubble of water which I hope manages to go down my throat. What normally happens is I swallow the water and the pill stays firmly in place in my mouth melting into a gooey horrible tasting mess. If I’m really lucky it will stay perfectly in shape to give me another chance…or I give up.

Why do we say it’s the size of a Horse Pill?

It is certainly not my imagination…pills really have increased in size. When you are faced with a ‘horse-pill’ the size of a small cocktail sausage and that horrible feeling of it stuck in the back of your throat going nowhere fast…what can you do to get some relief?

First of all get yourself a pill crusher. There are many different sorts on the market. It’s easy to pop into your bag so that you can crush your pills on the go should you need to. Adding the powder to a flavored drink or apple sauce makes the whole experience much more pleasant.

Not all pills can be crushed so check with your Doctor or Pharmacist for advice or alternatives.

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