Quality of Light – Part II

Continuing my exploration into the Quality of Light and how its effects can make or break a photo, here are a few more to illustrate the power of light.

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Quality of Light – Part I

Quality of Light – Part I

Light makes photographs more interesting and over this weekend, as part of the Photo101 assignments, we’ve been asked to look at the quality of light. How light varies throughout the day.

Depending on what time of day you take your picture will have an impact on the final result.

  • Dawn — before sunrise — can cast a cool blue light, with no shadows.
  • Later in the morning, the light tends to be neutral — and to some, ideal.
  • At midday, the sun reaches its highest point, resulting in dark shadows.
  • Later in the day, in the “golden hour” before sunset, daylight grows softer and redder, creating a magical atmosphere.

Factors can change these conditions, including weather, location, and the time of year.

Here is a selection of photos I have taken at various times of the day to illustrate what light can do to make even the simplest of photos something more interesting.


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